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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Anjelique Augustin who was born in Long Island, NY on January 23, 2006 and passed away on April 07, 2006 . We will remember her forever.






My Beautiful Anjelique...from the moment she was concieved I knew she was there... As mama's belly grew I wondered who would this little person be.. Since I have 2 boys already I didn't think much that I would actually have a princess.... 
Everyone else kept telling me OH NO you are having a little girl this time.. I just would say as long as its a healthy baby that is all I want..but in the back of my mind I would think OH my goodness what if it is a little girl!!!
The date of our sonogram came and the tech tells me well your wish came true.. and I just said HUH a little boy??( I had not told her anything I was thinking) NOO she says you have your princess!!! I was so shocked so happy I cried the most happiest tears and so my pregnancy con't. It was a bit diffcult being my asthma acted up reallly bad and we had to be put in the hospital and all and everything else but no matter what we had to endure it was fine because my Beautiful Princess would be the result... 

So after already going through false labor Lord knows how many times I wake up on January 23.. with that pain dull but known to be present.. and all I can say is hmmm Anjie are you playing with Mama again??? But no this time it is real!!! My princess will be welcomed to this world.. Labor was very interesting to say the least but through it all I had my Christopher & my beautiful Mother-in-law who helped me welcome Princess Anjelique... 
Into the world she came at 6lbs 11oz and 19inchs.. When I saw her I couldn't believe it 
she looked so tiny so perfect she looked like a doll.. I was almost afraid to hold her because she was sooooooo tiny but all this love just came from her... how my love for her grew by the second, when they had to take her back to the nursery I would get so sad
and want to go see her.  It felt like a dream how beautiful she was.. Beautiful little perfect hands & feet and those eyes.

So we take her home and she is such a good girl,  even with her having problems with her formula she still grew so fast so soon by the time we took her to the doctor at 1 1/2 months she was 11 pds already!!!

How she would smile and really pay attention when we would talk to her, & how she would smile when I would read her Favorite book "I'll Love You Forever" but she would never really finish the book in one sitting because she want to be picked up and walk around. Even though she did not like to held facing me but  facing foward so she could see. How she was able to hold her head so well on her tummy and even tried to kick her little legs to crawl... HOW BLESSED ARE WE??? 
She also had a little tooth that was trying to come out which shocked us to pieces!! 
So many signs she was our angel.....

On the day she got her wings(April 7th, 2006) she went with a smile how precious and beautiful my angel is.. How many signs she has so far given me that she is ok...
She will forever be mama's pretty girl with those great big eyes that said I love you MAMA everytime, I will forever hold her in my heart, arms,soul and in me...


Till we see each other again my sweet girl****



"If you would so Kindly light a candle for our Princess as you pass her site we would be so thankful-GOD BLESS YOU & THANK YOU"

SIDS   Awareness Month

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Don't even want to write the Years   / Mama To Princess Pretty Girl (mother)
Here I am once more. 365 days have passed again without you here. I look at your sisters bound and I imagine how it would be if there were 3 of you.We are not suppose to hold on to those what ifs and I am beyond thankful for our Lord because he has b...  Continue >>
Missing you   / Maryse Augustin (Grandmother)
It's your birthday today my love May God gives you all the kisses and hugs that I would have given you I love you so much and will always miss you. I was the first person top hold you and also the last one till we meet again Grandma
11 years   / Mama To Princess Pretty Girl (Mother)
My Pretty Girl. You know mama's heart. The tears, all that is going on as I've told you but you also know that my faith is stronger then any darkness. I love & miss you more then words will ever say. May our Lord hold you in his arms and give you...  Continue >>
Oh my SWEET PRETTY GIRL   / Mama To Princess Pretty Girl (Mom)
Mama was so sad thinking your site had disappeared. I am so happy that it's back up. Maybe you just want us to get so sad on your Angel Anniversary as no matter how we tried to get to you it didn't happen and we couldn't even write on here. I love yo...  Continue >>
10 Years Since we Were Blessed.   / Mama To Princess Pretty Girl (Mom)
Another year and your one year older but our Lord gets to sing to you Happy Birthday & give you all the kisses & hugs. Today there is one very crazy storm and so we had to take your flowers to you yesterday and release your balloons. I hope y...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
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In the short time she was her she taught anyone that came across her that Love is the most beautiful thing in the world.  If anything please know my Anjie is Love and she has shown me that he is all powerful and if you believe he will guide you to that place where my angel is...So one must follow him so we can be greeted my litttle angel when we get there...


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